Trek Ethics

A light hearted comic strip that discusses a few Trek Ethics which highlights a few key points which not be overlooked and it will also help you in being a responsible trekker when outdoors. Cheers!

1. The basic golden rule to cover your golden treasure.

Dig a hole - trek ethics

2. When in mountains, water saves the day, everyday.

stay hydrated on treks

3. The only way to save yourself from snow blindness is by carrying a sunglasses. It’s that simple.

Snow blindness prevention

4. Take care of your skin, SPF 40+ will also do just fine.

Use Sunscreen on Treks

5. Just take the dirt off with a stick first. Alright!

shoes inside tents

6. Just do it the right way. Ask your guide or head to this article:

trek tips layering

7. Pardon the exaggeration depicted above.

where to pitch tents

8. Do not try to be Bear Grylls, we repeat do not try to be Bear Grylls.

lighting a fire - trek ethics

9. Weather changes as fast as you change news channels. And BEWARE they both change colors pretty often.

bad weather meme

10. Acute Mountain Sickness is your worst enemy on treks.

AMS prevention

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