What is an Art Cart?

ArtCart by Meraki Triangle is a platform for artists to showcase their artwork/products online and directly connect with the prospect buyers.

Photographs, Calligraphy, Doodles, Pocket Comics, Pottery, Embroidery, Customized Cards, Digital Art, Calendars, Hand Made Products, Stock Footage, and other creation by various artists will be showcased on our Art Cart.

As an artist, you can upload your artworks, products or portfolio on our website. If you have alreadyworked on an online platform to sell your artwork, we will put a direct link to your e-commerce website.

Brief profile and extensive collection of art work made by you will be listed on the Product Page dedicated to you. Selected artwork will also be featured on our official Social Media Platforms.

Browse Art Carts of various Artists

How do I list my artwork?

Send us photos of your artwork with description, dimensions and price (if applicable). Also mention the time required to ship the product.
Email us at care@merakitriangle.com

Will all my portfolio be listed on ArtCart?

All the listings will be screened by our Team, we will work on its promotional aspect and content, artwork will be listed after that. We reserve the right to accept or reject the submissions.

Do you charge commissions or any fee for listing?

This is Beta phase of Art Cart for Meraki Triangle. We won’t be charging any commissions or fee during first 12 months of this phase. We will definitely update you if any changes in the policy are being made.

How do I reach the Meraki Triangle team?

You can email us at care@merakitriangle.com

I have some more questions, can I call you?

Sure! You can call us at 9891225211 or 9818144959. You can also Whatsapp us on these numbers.

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